ATX-Raspi: smart power controller for RaspberryPi

UPDATE: please see this page for the latest revision details.

I’ve posted details about one of my last projects that I’ve been working on.

ATXRaspi is a smart power controller for RaspberryPi or similar embedded systems running form a 5V input. It allows you to have an external shutdown button to turn off your target system without a need to login or to issue manual shutdown/sudo halt commands. I needed this so I could power off my Pi without having to log in all the time. I wanted a physical button to shutdown/turn off my RaspberryPi.

Also now available in the shop, pre-assembled or as a DIY kit.


3 thoughts on “ATX-Raspi: smart power controller for RaspberryPi

  1. Looks really interesting! What is the range of the button, and could I connect my moteino to the ATX Rapi to turn the Raspberry Pi on and off?

    • The button is hard wired to ATXRaspi. I haven’t tried it but … i guess you could have the Moteino act as a button. But that would defeat the purpose of all that (well .. almost) since you can just logon and issue a shutdown when you’re remote. Or maybe I’m not following exactly what you’re trying to do .. ?

  2. Looks good, great idea! I ordered one, as I’m now moving on with the gateway + R-Pi phase of my project.

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