All about Moteino

I published a detailed Moteino guide here. This will be updated in the future as more info becomes available.
Most notably I added this pinout diagram for quick and easy reference, and a visual comparison to other platforms:



3 thoughts on “All about Moteino

  1. Thanks, Felix – that’s really useful!

    Now to go off and lay out a stackable project board to sit on top …

  2. Nice comparison! I actually purchased JeeNode day before I stumbled upon Moteino. Yours beat all of them hands down! You can also add DigiSpark to your list. I purchased 3 of them from Kistarter page. It’s smaller than all of the above, however extremely underpowered, just few I/O ports and difficult to program via USB.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to include more but it would have been cluttered. I just wanted to get the main points across. Nice blog and Xronos clock!

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