Quick update: Moteino back in stock

A new revision of Moteino is back in stock. Parts and PCBs finally arrived after a long delay which was out of my control. I should be able to fulfill the preorders in 1-2 days and then be able to ship new orders.


There are 2 obvious changes to Moteino:

  • they are now Green
  • they contain a new footprint that can be used to solder Atmel serial FLASH memory. This can be handy for data logging and/or other interesting applications that I have in mind for Moteino in the near future.

I also have the 915Mhz version of the RFM12B radio in stock. I have done some testing and was very surprised to see this radio performs just as well or better in certain circumstances. The 434Mhz version still seems to have a slight advantage in penetrating obstacles.

Stay tuned for updates on these changes, and more on the 915 vs 434 frequencies.

6 thoughts on “Quick update: Moteino back in stock

  1. I would like 2 units with 400Mhz radio units…
    What is the lead time as of 3-19-2013 ?

  2. Hello Felix,
    Very nice job on this Arduino clone ! But I have two questions (see no offense) :
    The PCB in green is not as nice as the original OSHPark one with gold connectors. The quality looks inferior now, so why did you change ?
    I have read you first planned to sell the Moteino “wireless version [at] about $16”. How did the price jump to $18.95 ?

    • I agree purple with ENIG finish looks nice, but it costs about 3 times as much to make. ENIG finish is nice but not very hand-soldering friendly, HASL finish is much easier to hand solder, that’s a big plus considering that I let the users solder the headers in whatever direction they want. I jumped the cost when I realized how much overhead and extra unforeseen manufacturing costs there are. It’s a lot more than just buying parts and PCBs and soldering them together. Buying thousands of parts at a time gives better discounts but I’m not at that stage yet. I still plan to lower the price in the future if possible. I’ve still actually had people tell me they are shocked that they are so cheap.

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