Amazon checkout surprise

I wanted to get a wireless adapter for the RaspberryPi.
Amazon had the right one, for ~$22, free shipping, pretty good deal. So I add it, shop some more then I get to check-out.

Suddenly I get this, and it doesn’t look like such a good deal anymore. Yikes:amazon_checkout_surprise

4 thoughts on “Amazon checkout surprise

  1. Sometimes they make great mistakes the other way too… Bought 3 solder suckers (nice ones too) for $0.50 Ea and since I have Prime they were here 2nd day… Free
    They are selling (Virtualrobitix) 328’s W Optiboot B/L for $2.95 Ea, I bought a handful and I got 50 16 MHz crystals for 5 or 6 dollars… Much faster, Better warranty and considering the shipping time the extra dollar or so isn’t hard to deal with.. $18.95 for a SainSmart 3.2″ display W/touch & SD card..


    • No I have no use for more than the one I already have but they make great gifts for my few friends as they all share my interests. I did notice that the error was shortly corrected, after I posted it on the Arduino Forum…

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