Moteino sold out!

The first Moteino batch has just sold out!

Not too bad for 5 days since the store launch.

I ordered another PCB batch and more Moteinos are expected to be ready for shipping on Monday  (Feb-18). Until then you can pre-order if you wish or just wait for more updates.

Thanks everyone for all the comments and support!

2 thoughts on “Moteino sold out!

  1. Just received a pair of Moteinos.
    Soldered on the antennas and headers, plugged in the rx mote to my laptop via ftdi the tx mote on battery power.
    They work beautifully. About twice the range as my 915 mhz jeenode tx/rx pair.
    I’ll be needing more of these…

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, very much appreciated!
      Unfortunately I am sold out as you already know, in just a few days! I didn’t imagine they would sell so fast.
      A significant portion of the next batch is already sold out too.
      I will need to make more. Stay tuned for updates.

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