Moteino programming jig

Once I assemble Moteinos, I will need a way to load the bootloader and test programming from the Arduino IDE. Since I plan to sell them without soldered headers (unless people want that option), it’s impossible to easily program the ATMega328P chips after the boards are assembled. Unless … I use a programming jig, a perfect DIY project to help in the Moteino manufacturing process.

Steps for making the jig and programming a Moteino:

  1. I ordered some spring loaded test probes (aka pogo pins) on ebay
  2. I used 2 Moteino PCBs to align and hold the pogo pins in place
  3. The bottom PCB is soldered to the pogo pins, the PCB in the middle is used to keep the pins straight and aligned. This can also be soldered.
  4. I only soldered enough pogo pins to be able to program and test the on-board LED and the transceiver. If those connections work, the other Moteino pins are almost 100% guaranteed to work.
  5. Connect the AVR programmer and the FTDI adapter/cable. The FTDI adapter provides power, the AVR programmer expects the board to be powered separately.
  6. Set the fuses and burn the bootloader with the AVR programmer
  7. Load a test sketch (blinky)
  8. Finished