Moteino PCBs arrived

Finally after about 3 weeks, the first Moteino PCB batch arrived from OSHPark. I will start assembling and work on the site store. This will be a small run. For this reason, I will not offer PCBs for sale even though someone expressed interest. Since Moteino is 100% open source, anyone can actually submit their own PCBs to OSHPark or other PCB service, the only downside being the long wait.

I already assembled one “production” Moteino to test my home-made metal stencil and the programming jig I made for these. The units I will sell will run Optiboot (same as Arduino Uno) and I’m thinking of pre-loading them with a blinky sketch to blink the on-board LED (on pin D9).

All units will come with header pins for the FTDI header (1×6 straight male, not soldered). Also I’m thinking of the following sale options (other suggestions are welcome):

– Moteino without RFM12B transceiver (this is just an Arduino clone, no wireless capability)
– Moteino with transceiver
– Moteino PCB (in the future)
– Include male header pins for the two rows of I/O pins (+$1)
– Include female headers. Anyone interested in this?
– Soldering options for the headers (I would solder the headers in different available combinations – above/below the board, etc).

Stay tuned for updates.