Building the electronics lab

Recently I decided it’s time to dedicate a more professional workspace for all my electronics work where would this go better than the most remote corner of the basement?

Previously I organized my office in one of the home bedrooms but it quickly became obvious that it’s not the best place to keep heat and smoke generating equipment, mix chemicals, etch PCBs, or store parts small parts that get lost in the carpet. Plus I didn’t have outlets where I wanted them and it just didn’t feel right to solder on the office desk.

So I took a break from most of my projects and dedicated almost entirely to planning and building a workspace in my unfinished basement. Long story short, I ended up with a 120sqft room perfect for my needs. I knew I will want to watch my own progress so I captured timelapse videos of the more significant parts of this building project. This happened over several weeks, and if people want details of my planning, building and costs, I can post about that as well. Cheers!

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  1. Cool video, thanks for sharing. And yes, if you had time for post with more details on your ideas/planning/implementation for the workshop, it would be interesting read.

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